To be who the hell you want to be!

The Diet and Fitness world seems to be aimed at making us feel guilty for being a certain shape or size then it tries to sell us the solution. Pills, meal replacement shakes, fad diets, tummy tucks, mud wraps, new fashionable exercises – oh Dear Lord the list is endless, and I was one of those desperate women that was ‘open minded’ enough to try them.

Some of these approaches worked for a while and the weight came off, but the process was painful for me and for those around me. Trust me you don’t want to cross me when I’m ‘hangry’. I suffered headaches. I was snappy and very unsociable, as I couldn’t go out for meals with friends for fear of relapsing in a big way with binge eating.

OMG - I’ve lost a stone of muscle and water

As time went on I realised that the answer was deep inside of me all along, I just needed to do a ‘bit’ of inner work to get the answers. Okay, I’ll be honest here it wasn’t ‘a bit’ of inner work, it’s been a process of over seven years now and a constant daily work in progress.

So, if you are looking for a quick fix of ‘OMG I’ve lost a stone of muscle and water’ (because that’s what it is) in a space of two weeks then you best look away now because that’s not what I’m all about. You’ll get nothing but bare honesty from me, you’ll get me shooting straight from the hip and what a voluptuous pair of hips they are too! Whilst trying to come across as the sweet loving woman that I am – I’m sorry, but when it comes to all the above nonsensical fad approaches to shedding weight, I just cannot in a sweet loving way endorse any of them.

Hype quick-fix diets

I’m even embarrassed to say, that along my journey to a healthy relationship with food, I was several times sucked into hype quick-fix diets, even to the extent that I enrolled with one that involved referring the latest appetite curbing product to my friends as part of a network marketing scheme. It was part of my journey – a useful ‘chapter’ in the book and a great example of the financial motives behind so many of these quick-fix diet companies! So that’s my dark side out of the way, let’s move on with the possible REAL reason why your fat.

First and foremost – get yourself checked by your GP, there could be an underlying medical reason and although I could see myself strutting through Hospital corridors with a white coat flailing behind me, I’ve no medical qualifications and am in no way qualified to diagnose any underlying obesity related medical conditions. So aside from the obesity (that’s such a harsh and guilt-ridden word), assuming that you are of good health (apart from the obesity, there are two very easy ‘causes’ to this – which really, we all know don’t we! They are:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Eating too many pies (sorry, I just had to put that in here somewhere)

Learn patience

You’ve got to learn patience and trust me on the process that I am about to divulge. Things will be changing on the inside first. Have you ever heard someone say that they are a thin person on the outside but fat inside? What they mean is they eat fatty foods & it’s stored around their internal organs yet outside they look lean.

So, when you look in the mirror and feel frustrated because you don’t see any change I want you to remember that changes are already happening on the inside! Plus, other people will more than likely notice the difference before you do, some may not mention it but they will notice something!

Who are you trying to impress?

Which brings me on to this question: Who are you trying to impress when the only persons opinion that should matter is your own? Now ego & vanity is a natural human behaviour. After all, who doesn’t like getting compliments but let me tell you, when you get attached to the praise you will be attached to the criticism, so this is going to leave you very vulnerable! You will need to practice self-esteem and confidence