About Lisa Randall

I’m not a body builder, I don’t compete in competitions, I’m just an ordinary woman that has struggled like many of us with Addictions, especially food. It is my passion & dream to help people break free from the shackles of feeling ‘less than’, low self-esteem & body dysmorphia. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to help someone firstly learn to accept & love who they are then see them break free from the shackles of obesity & addiction.

How did I get here?

When I was little I was an extremely fussy eater, looking back now I realise that it was when I was about 6 years of age was when I became addicted to sugar. I remember I found a tin of Lyons Golden Syrup in the Larder, curiously opening the lid I dipped my finger tip in the sticky substance and the moment it hit my taste buds I felt this huge feeling of euphoria and comfort. My next instinct was to take a bigger scoop and have more, before I knew it I was frequently sneaking to the Larder to get my pleasure & I had consumed nearly all the tin.

As the years passed by, I began to get an obsession for chocolate, on my way to school I would stop off at the sweet shop to buy my stash & the minute I came out the shop it would be crammed straight into my mouth & gone within minutes. Then came the teenage years and I started using alcohol as a way of helping me get confidence & to fit in with my friends, the drinking for me was a very slow progression of what I now realise is alcoholism. I would use any excuse to drink, if my mood was low I would drink to cheer myself up, if I was happy I would still drink to lift myself higher.

By my early 40’s I had reached an emotional and alcoholic rock bottom and did not feel I could carry on my life without alcohol, one morning after a heavy binge of Wine and Gin I woke up so sick like all the other mornings but this time I stared back at my bloated face in the mirror and it dawned on me, that I was slowly killing myself, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I got the help I needed for my illness from Alcoholics Anonymous & continue to this day to work a 12 Step Program & remain a grateful member, staying close to my Sponsor as well as sponsoring others myself.

The sugar/food

That too is an ongoing journey & personally one I did find harder to tackle than drink, after all we have to eat right? Often people say to me that food must be eaten to stay alive but then so does drink ~ water. Today I have choices and should I have the odd day or days even of eating chocolate I easily get back using my ‘Tools of Recovery’ to put me straight.

Too often I see people using sugar and food as a treat or to push down emotions, just as I did in the past. I see people try crazy diets, in the hope to lose weight fast, then only to gain it all again and more. I hear people run themselves down and try desperately to shed pounds by doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

I share my journey with you, to help you, to inspire you and to let you know that you are not alone. If you have decided now is your time to shine & would like personal coaching, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss my individual programs and fees.